NUTRITIONAL SOLUTIONS: 22 Answers for 88 Conditions


Kindle e-book available at:*Version*=1&*entries*=0   This may be the most important nutrition book you have ever read. “David Rowland is the foremost expert in holistic nutrition, author of 12 highly acclaimed health publications, innovator and publisher of Nutritiapedia(R), creator of … Continue reading

Heart Health Quiz


Take a short test to find out if you have a healthy heart. Continue reading

EARLY WARNING SIGNS: Pre-emptive Nutrition

Kindle edition at:  :   Reviews appreciated. Many people have been given a clean bill of health by their doctors, only to drop dead from a heart attack days or weeks later.  This is because electrocardiograms can measure problems with … Continue reading

Butter vs. Margarine

MYTH:  If you value the health of your arteries, you’ll consume margarine instead of butter. TRUTH:  Butter is the healthier choice.  Dr. Zoltan Rona writes in his book, The Joy of Health, margarine is nothing more than “plastic butter”.  Under … Continue reading

Eggs & Cholesterol

MYTH:  The cholesterol in eggs can plug your arteries. TRUTH:  Eggs are a near perfect food.  They provide the highest quality dietary protein and every mineral and vitamin (except vitamin C).  The cholesterol content of the egg yolk has little … Continue reading