The human body is programmed to wear out. How fast it ages, however, is a variable that can be influenced by lifestyle, diet and nutritional supplements. It is possible to reverse one’s biological age to feel, act and look many years younger.

Free radicals take their toll over the years, damaging and cross-linking protein tissues, causing wrinkling of the skin, accelerating aging, and contributing to the development of arterial disease, cancer, and cataracts. Brain and arterial tissue are particularly vulnerable to free radical damage.

As the body ages, it produces less hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes. As these digestive juices decline, so does the body’s ability to digest, aborb and utilize nutrients in the diet. Reduced ability to utilize nutrients ensures that the body will continue to decline even further.

See also the chapter, “Premature Aging”, in NUTRITIONAL SOLUTIONS FOR 88 CONDITIONS:


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