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“David Rowland is the foremost expert in holistic nutrition, author of 12 highly acclaimed health publications, innovator and publisher of Nutritiapedia(R), creator of Nutri-Body(R) analysis, and founder of the Canadian Nutrition Institute and the Edison Institute of Nutrition.  Rowland has cut through the noise and offers a plethora of no-nonsense nutritional solutions in his latest work, ‘NUTRITIONAL SOLUTIONS for 88 CONDITIONS’. This book is the most relevant, useful and comprehensive compilation of contemporary holistic nutrition information I have read to date. In these pages you will find all of David Rowland’s best research and clinical experience, complete with new and innovative programs to naturally address – and in many case prevent – disease altogether.  David is a trailblazer and trendsetter.”

Bryce Wylde, BSc., DHMS, Alternative Medicine Expert, Medical Advisor to Dr. OZ show.


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About David W. Rowland

David W. Rowland, PhD is a leading edge innovator in the field of natural nutrition, and the creator of the Nutri-Body(R) method of nutritional assessment favored by practitioners. Dr. Rowland is available for telephone consultations. To set up an appointment email: david222@hush.com.

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