Any of the following symptoms can be caused by a deficiency of MAGNESIUM:

[     ]  Irritable nerves or muscles, nervous tics/twitches

[     ]  Muscle spasms, tremors, convulsions or seizures

[     ]  Muscle cramps in bottom of feet

[     ]  Muscular tension, tight muscles

[     ]  Restless legs, legs in constant motion at night

[     ]  Knee pain, hip pain

[     ]  Irregular heartbeat

[     ]  Painful and cold hands or feet

[     ]  Excessive body odour

[     ]  Loose or sensitive teeth

[     ]  Anxiety, confusion, disorientation, irritability

[     ]  Nausea, dizziness or lightheadedness

[     ]  Mental depression or apathy

[     ]  Startle reactions, hypersensitivity to noise

[     ]  Poor co-ordination

[     ]  Cravings for chocolate

[     ]  Insomnia, restlessness, hyperactivity

[     ]  Repeated tapping of hands or feet

[     ]  Bone spurs

[     ]  High blood pressure


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