Niacin / Niacinamide (B-3)

Any of the following symptoms can be caused by a deficiency of NIACIN (Vitamin B-3):

[     ]  Diarrhea

[     ]  Chapping of backs of hands

[     ]  Itchy, red or inflamed skin, dermatitis

[     ]  Irritability, anxiety or depression

[     ]  Loss of sense of humour

[     ]  Indigestion

[     ]  Small ulcers or canker sores in mouth

[     ]  Burning sensation in hands or feet

[     ]  Insomnia

[     ]  Whitish, coated tongue

[     ]  Brilliant red, painful tongue

[     ]  Swollen tongue with red tips and sides

[     ]  Feel as if hands or feet go numb


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