Any of the following symptoms can be caused by an insufficient intake of dietary PROTEIN:

[     ]  Excess fluid retention (edema) in hands or feet

[     ]  Nausea or dizziness

[     ]  Poor co-ordination

[     ]  General, overall weakness

[     ]  Anemia

[     ]  Cataracts

[     ]  Catch colds, flu, infections easily

[     ]  Cuticles tear easily

[     ]  Muscle wasting, tissue loss

[     ]  Impaired wound healing

[     ]  Premature aging

[     ]  Hair dull, dry, sparse, loose and falling out

[     ]  Brittle nails, slow growing nails

[     ]  Mood swings, depression

[     ]  Insomnia

[     ]  Nervousness, agitation

[     ]  Low resistance to stress

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