Pyridoxine (B-6)

Any of the following symptoms can be caused by a deficiency of PYRIDOXINE (Vitamin B-6)

[     ]  Irritability or nervousness

[     ]  Feel confused

[     ]  Can’t remember dreams

[     ]  Dizziness

[     ]  Swelling of hands, feet or ankles (edema)

[     ]  Unable to close hands into tight, flat fists

[     ]  Soreness, tenderness, weakness of thumb muscles

[     ]  Greasy scaliness on skin near nose, mouth, eyes

[     ]  Muscular twitching

[     ]  Greenish tint to urine

[     ]  Hyperactivity

[     ]  Poor co-ordination in walking

[     ]  FEMALE:  Nausea of pregnancy

[     ]  FEMALE:  Acne worse during periods

[     ]  FEMALE:  Swelling of face, abdomen, or extremities during menses


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