Saturated Fats

MYTH:  Saturated fats cause heart attacks. TRUTH: If that were true, the population of rural North America would have died off generations ago. The first documented heart attack was recorded in 1910.  For over a century before that, saturated fats were … Continue reading

Polyunsaturated Oils

MYTH:  Polyunsaturated vegetable oils prevent heart disease. TRUTH:  Polyunsaturated oils may actually contribute to the incidence of heart disease. Contrary to popular misconception, polyunsaturated oils do not prevent heart disease.  On the contrary, they may contribute to it.  As our … Continue reading


MYTH:  Cholesterol causes heart attacks and strokes. TRUTH:  Cholesterol is a vital bodily substance that is an innocent bystander to the process of arterial deterioration that precipitates heart attacks and strokes. If your serum cholesterol levels are normal, you may … Continue reading