Butter vs. Margarine

MYTH:  If you value the health of your arteries, you’ll consume margarine instead of butter. TRUTH:  Butter is the healthier choice.  Dr. Zoltan Rona writes in his book, The Joy of Health, margarine is nothing more than “plastic butter”.  Under … Continue reading

Eggs & Cholesterol

MYTH:  The cholesterol in eggs can plug your arteries. TRUTH:  Eggs are a near perfect food.  They provide the highest quality dietary protein and every mineral and vitamin (except vitamin C).  The cholesterol content of the egg yolk has little … Continue reading

Cholesterol, Elevated

High blood cholesterol levels (hypercholesterolemia) usually have little or nothing to do with the amount of cholesterol eaten.  Cholesterol is a vital bodily substance.  It is a constituent of bile; it helps to convert sunlight into vitamin D; it is … Continue reading

Saturated Fats

MYTH:  Saturated fats cause heart attacks. TRUTH: If that were true, the population of rural North America would have died off generations ago. The first documented heart attack was recorded in 1910.  For over a century before that, saturated fats were … Continue reading


MYTH:  Cholesterol causes heart attacks and strokes. TRUTH:  Cholesterol is a vital bodily substance that is an innocent bystander to the process of arterial deterioration that precipitates heart attacks and strokes. If your serum cholesterol levels are normal, you may … Continue reading