Thiamine (B-1)

Any of the following symptoms can be caused by a deficiency of THIAMINE (Vitamin B-1):

[     ]  Heart palpitations or gallop rhythym

[     ]  Slow heart beat or rapid heart beat

[     ]  Vague chest pains, shortness of breath

[     ]  Enlarged heart

[     ]  Diastolic blood pressure over 90

[     ]  Forgetfulness, poor memory, short attention span

[     ]  Muscular tenderness, weakness or wasting

[     ]  Irritability

[     ]  Feel depressed

[     ]  Loss of appetite or loss of weight

[     ]  Numbness, prickling or tingling in hands or feet

[     ]  Loss of ankle or knee jerk reflexes

[     ]  Poor co-ordination

[     ]  Stiffness or swelling in ankles, feet or legs

[     ]  Cramping pains in legs, especially after exercising

[     ]  Tenderness in calf muscle under pressure

[     ]  Constipation

[     ]   Vulnerability to insect bites, esp. mosquitoes or fleas


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