Vitamin A

Any of the following symptoms can be caused by a deficiency of VITAMIN A:

[     ]  Poor night vision, unable to see well in dim light

[     ]  Eyes sensitive to glare, sunlight or bright lights

[     ]  Inability to adjust eyes when entering a dark room

[     ]  Dry eyes, dry cornea

[     ]  Eyelids red, scaly or dry

[     ]  Eye inflammations, conjunctivitis

[     ]  Styes, eyelids swollen

[     ]  Get colds or respiratory infections easily

[     ]  Sinus problems

[     ]  Abscesses in ears, mouth or salivary glands

[     ]  Brittle or dry hair

[     ]  Dry, rough, or scaly skin

[     ]  Hard “goosebumps” on backs of arms

[     ]  Acne, pimples or blackheads

[     ]  Warts

[     ]  Kidney, urinary or bladder infections, burning or itching when urinating


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