Vitamin C

Any of the following symptoms can be caused by a deficiency of VITAMIN C:

[     ]  Skin bruises easily, “black & blue” marks

[     ]  Hemorrhages or ruptured blood vessels in eye

[     ]  Gums bleed easily, especially when brushing teeth

[     ]  Bluish-red, swollen or inflamed gums

[     ]  Loose teeth, loss of dental fillings

[     ]  Cuts, sores or wounds heal slowly

[     ]  Fleeting pains in joints or legs, joint tenderness

[     ]  Catch infections, colds, flu or viruses easily

[     ]  Cuticles tear easily

[     ]  Excessive hair loss

[     ]  Restlessness or irritability

[     ]  Nosebleeds

[     ]  Broken capillaries, hemorrhages, pink spots on skin

[     ]  Bloating or puffiness in face

[     ]  Anemia

[     ]  Fragile bones

[     ]  Thinning or premature aging of skin


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