Any of the following symptoms can be caused by a deficiency of ZINC:

[     ]  Cuts, wounds, sores heal slowly

[     ]  Hair or nails grow slowly

[     ]  Loss of sense of smell or taste

[     ]  Catch colds, flu, infections easily

[     ]  Brittle nails

[     ]  White spots under fingernails

[     ]  Acne

[     ]  Stretch marks

[     ]  Sterility or impotence

[     ]  White coating on tongue

[     ]  Loss of appetite, anorexia

[     ]  Sleep disturbances

[     ]  Diarrhea

[     ]  MALE:  Prostate problems, low sperm count

[     ]  MALE:  Delayed sexual maturity

[     ]  CHILDREN:  Growing pains, stunted growth


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