Butter vs. Margarine

MYTH:  If you value the health of your arteries, you’ll consume margarine instead of butter.

TRUTH:  Butter is the healthier choice.  Dr. Zoltan Rona writes in his book, The Joy of Health, margarine is nothing more than “plastic butter”.  Under the microscope, a hydrogenated fat molecule from margarine or vegetable shortening looks the same as a plastic molecule.

According to health writer, John Finnegan, margarine is a “lifeless, devitalized poison, packed with carcinogens (cancer causing chemicals), fit only cheap oakley sunglasses for lubricating the front wheel bearings of your car.”  The brand of margarine is irrelevant.  All brands are potentially toxic.  In some European countries margarine is banned because of its cholesterol raising properties.

A study by Malhotra, published in 1967 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, compared two populations in India where the only difference in the diet was the type of fat consumed.  The population that used margarine instead of butter had a heart disease rate that was 15 times greater than that of the population that used butter.

Butter and ghee (clarified butter) have been consumed by humans for thousands of years without any indication that it has caused any harm.  The first documented heart attack was reported in 1910.  Prior to that time, butter tag heuer replica uk and lard were the two main staple fats.  If butter caused heart disease, then most of the population of western countries would have died off generations ago.

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