Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Fatigue that never goes away is a symptom of a body upon which demands are continually being made beyond its ability to cope.  Low thyroid function is usually involved, often triggered by a traumatic event or health crisis of some kind.  During such times, the thyroid gland shifts into low gear, so to speak, in order to devote the body’s resources to healing and recovery.  Exercise and activity become very difficult because the body’s priority is to rest.  Unfortunately, during this needed time of energy conservation, many people continue to push their bodies to keep up with their hectic lifestyles – thus prolonging what should have been only a temporary period of thyroid adjustment.

Chronic fatigue is also a symptom of adrenal exhaustion.  The tiny adrenal glands become overwhelmed with such daily stresses as pushing a body beyond its ability to cope or from trying to support an immune system that is under continual siege.  The adrenals are trying to support a low grade battle that is going on all of the time, as the body tries to cope with hidden food allergies/intolerances, a candida/yeast infection, or some other chronic immune challenge – such as a leaky gut that causes the body to work overtime producing IgG antibodies to neutralize the foreign protein molecules that get into the blood.  Identify and remove the immune challenges.  Nourish and support the adrenals and thyroid.

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Example of Thyroid Support Formula:

Example of Adrenal Support Formula:  :

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