Belching and breaking wind are far more than social problems.  They are symptoms of incomplete digestion and potentially toxic overload.  Flatulence is caused by fermentation and rancidity in the gut.  The gas itself contains hydrogen, methane, skatoles, indoles, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen.  Putrefactive byproducts can be absorbed from the intestinal tract into the bloodstream.  Blood carrying these toxic wastes circulates throughout the body, adding an extra burden to liver and kidneys.  Flatulence is a symptom of low stomach acid, insufficient bile, improper food combining, and/or candida overgrowth – and can be eliminated by paying attention to these factors.  Supplementary digestive enzymes and a probiotic such as L. acidophilus are important aids to normalizing the gastrointestinal imbalances that cause flatulence.

See also the chapter, “It Begins with Digestion”, in NUTRITIONAL SOLUTIONS FOR 88 CONDITIONS:  https://rowlandformulas.club/shop/nutritional-solutions-for-88-conditions-correct-the-causes/

Example of digestive enzyme formula:  https://rowlandformulas.club/shop/ultragest-digestive-aid/

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