Hodgkin’s Disease

Hodgkin’s disease is the name given to solid tumours (lymphomas) of the lymph glands.  Symptoms begin with painless enlargement of the lymph nodes and may be followed by fever, night sweats, loss of appetite, and weight loss.  Some people may also experience severe pruritus (itching).  If left untreated, this malignancy invades adjacent areas and will eventually kill the patient by obstructing vital organs.  Hodgkin’s lymphoma is often preceded by exposure to toxic chemicals or toxic drugs.  Liver toxicity is a factor in the development of this condition.  Medical treatments for Hodgkin’s (radiation, chemotherapy) are effective in over 70 per cent of cases.

Nutritional treatment helps both to improve the effectiveness of the medical treatments and to reduce the side effects thereof – and is entirely effective on its own, as an alternative to the medical approach.  Large amounts of antioxidants are beneficial, especially beta carotene, vitamin C, and selenium.  Homeopathic dilutions of petroleum help the body to release its toxic burden of petroleum and petrochemical products.

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