Daily living necessarily involves subjecting our bodies to stresses of various kinds – physical, mental and emotional.  Exceeding the body’s ability to cope with these stresses, however, makes one vulnerable to degenerative diseases.  Regular rest, relaxation, meditation, and recreation can significantly reduce the stress load.  We can also nourish the body in particular ways to make it better able to cope with stress.

The adrenals need particular attention, since they are the glands that secrete stress-moderating hormones and also help to maintain blood sugar levels.  The nutrients required in relatively large amounts by the adrenal glands include vitamin C, pantothenic acid, vitamin B-12 and potassium.  These can be provided in an adrenal support formula to be added to other supplementary nutrients that a particular body may require – or as part of a  broad spectrum “stress” supplement that includes all vitamins and minerals but with special attention to the adrenal support factors.  Under times of acute stress, depression or grief, the adrenal glands’ need for nutrients soars.

Example of adrenal support formula:  :

Example of broad-spectrum stress formula



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